Farm Gates


Down Wattle Lane Farm Gates... this is something new for us in 2021. I've been constructing our own timber gates for our lifestyle block, as it gives me something to do now I am no longer working. Also I find they are more robust compared to the cheap wire bar gates. We have previously been through the experience of the rams using their horns, breaking the metal wire bars on the old gates. They seemed to do this for fun.

We are now offering our timber gates to you. They are made to order, and depending on demand at the time, they should be ready to collect within 2 to 3 days of placing the order.

Our gates are made from Oregon timber, which is untreated as it has a degree of natural durability when used in above the ground situations. Also I am told Oregon will stay straighter than pine over time.

We only make the 1 style, farm and lifestyle block gates, although they can be used anywhere.


> Oregon Rough Sawn Timber 100mm x 25mm

> Galvanised Screws, M10 Bolts, heavy duty hinges.

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Measuring Your Gate:

To start with you need to decide on how your gate will hang. See the picture below, will the gate hang "inline" with the fence or "off" the fence. This will affect how the gate looks, swings and the final length.

To work out your "Inline" gate length you need to consider:

TOTAL GAP (less) Gudgeon 50mm (less) Hinge 50mm = Gate Length

** you might also allow for 10mm gap at the gate latch end.

Gudgeons are attached to the post and are what the gate hinges hang off. How far these stick out from the post is up to you, but I generally suggest 50mm.  If you purchase lock through gudgeons, they can be adjusted in and out, and final tweaks can affect the final gate hang to your liking.

We include the hinge straps with the gate, as they are bolted onto the gate, which holds it all together. On the gates 1400mm or larger, these hinges will stick out 50mm from the gate. So with a 1400mm timber gate, plus the 50mm hinge strap the overall size of the finished gate is 1450mm. 

Our hinge straps on a 1000mm height gate are positioned 850mm apart. On a 1200mm height gate the hinge straps are 1070mm apart. So  when you install your new gudgeons you work to this. However if your post already has gudgeons attached, please inform us, as this gets a little tricky.

Gates Front & Swing

Our gates have a front side/good side, and you will need to consider how they are to swing and what side the hinge will be on if it is for one gate. Left or Right.

On the back of the gates you will see the bolt nuts, and the hinges. This looks a little messy hence it being the back side.

When looking at the good side, the gates will swing away from you. This is standard, but if looking at the good side and you need the gates to swing toward you, we will need to place the hinge straps on the front/good side. See the very last picture at the bottom of the web page. This shows hinge straps on the front.

The more detail you can provide as how the gate is to look and work is better in getting it right.

Installing Gudgeons

We don't install the gudgeons or hang the gates. However when you collect your gate, I can show you one of my gates and give you a run down. It can be a little tricky getting it right, but there are a few little tricks I can share.

How To Place An Order

Send through an email of what you need and I will reply if I need to clarify anything. I will quote the gate cost and provide an estimate time of when the gate will be ready to collected. No deposit is required. Once the gate is finished, I will send you a photo of the gate, and provide the pickup details. We have eftpos for payment.

What We Need To Know

1). Gate Length?

(this is the timber part - keeping in mind hinge strap will stick out extra 50mm)

2). Gate Height?

(our standard is 1000mm with 5 rails. We can go 1200mm with 6 rails).

3). Looking at gate front on:

      > Does hinge strap go on the left or right?

      > Does the gate swing away from you or towards you?

4). Is it for a new gate post with new gudgeons or existing post with gudgeons?

      > New post the hinge straps will be positioned 850mm apart.

      > Existing post please advise distance between each gudgeon, see pic below.

5). Do you require the farm style gate latch - this is $11 extra per gate?

      > If Yes, do you want this attached or will you do this once the gate is hanging?

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