Arapara Wool Cushion Inner & Cotton Cover - Kiwi


Inner:      100% Arapawa Wool

Casing:  100% Cotton Calico Fabric

Size:        43cm x 43cm

                  (please allow 1 to 2cm variance as cushions are handmade)

Weight:  500 grams

Cover:    Front Cotton with Print

                 Rear Cotton Calico Fabric


Cushion Inner Care:

  • Protect your new cushion with a cushion cover, as it is easier to wash the cushion cover. Air the cushion out in the sunshine.
  • Wool filling within the cushions will compress with use. Fluff up your cushion to help minimise compression.
  • If you must wash:
  • Add cold water to your washing machine.
  • Add a little Unicorn Fibre Wash to the water and gently submerge the cushion & soak. It is important to skip any agitation cycle.
  • Drain the washing machine and then spin.
  • Dry flat.
  • Avoid hot water and the use of a hot dryer as this can shrink the wool.


Cushion Cover Care:

  • Cold machine wash.
  • Line dry only.
  • Iron on reverse.

Arapawa Wool Cushion Inner with Kiwi Cover

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