Arapara Wool Cushion Inner & Cotton Cover - Oranges
Inner:      100% Arapawa Wool
Casing:  100% Cotton Calico Fabric
Size:        43cm x 43cm
                 (please allow 1 to 2cm variance as cushions are handmade)
Weight:  550 grams
Cover:    Front Cotton with Print
                 Rear Cotton Calico Fabric
Cushion Inner Care:
Protect your new cushion with a cushion cover, as it is easier to wash the cushion cover. Air the cushion out in the sunshine. Wool filling within the cushions will compress with use. Fluff up your cushion to help minimise compression.

If you must wash:
Add cold water to your washing machine. Add a little Unicorn Fibre Wash to the water and gently submerge the cushion & soak. It is important to skip any agitation cycle. Drain the washing machine and then spin. Dry flat. Avoid hot water and the use of a hot dryer as this can shrink the wool.

Cushion Cover Care:
Cold machine wash. Line dry only. Iron on reverse.

Arapawa Wool Cushion Inner with Oranges Cover

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