Arapawa Wool Products


"100% Natural, Renewable & Biodegradable"

Our Arapawa Wool Products are handmade right here, Down Wattle Lane.

Raw Wool

Straight off the sheep's back. November each year we shear our Arapawa's and you can purchase the raw wool to process yourself. Come and visit us to pick your fleece or we can arrange postage. We sell this at $10 per kg.

Wool Sliver/Roving:

We have available our very own Arapawa Wool ready to spin. We have done the hard work for you and scoured the fleece with earth friendly Unicorn Power Scour and beautifully carded the fibre ready to spin. 

Available for $10 per 100g plus postage.

Wool Batts

We have available our very own Arapawa Wool Batts. 

Approximately 1m wide and about 2cm thick available at $15 per 25cm length plus postage.

Small Wool Samples Available For $1 including postage.

Wool Cushions:

We use our very own Arapawa sheep fleece for the cushion inner. There are many wonderful benefits of wool, but we have found the Arapawa fibre naturally has a lot of "bounce" which we thought would be great to make cushions with.

Our cushions are made with love and care.  The detergent we use to clean our fleece is the Earth Friendly Unicorn Power Scour.  We hand pick the fleece to fluff up the fibre. We use natural cotton calico fabric for the cushion casing. So when the cushion has come to the end of it's life, all shall breakdown naturally.