Our Team

As our lifestyle block grows and develops so does our family.


The prince of our estate, nothing passes Max without his approval. He has adapted to rural life rather well for a city cat.

Honey Bees
Arapawa Sheep
The Girls

Big Mamma and The Chicks, our Golden Laced Wyandottes, a pretty chicken and good egg layers most of the time.

A heritage breed of sheep, very cute and very playful with one and another & a little wild, apart from my little friend above.


We have some Arapawa Sheep For Sale! Please contact us if interested.

Muscovy Ducks

Our Duckies... we adopted the two girls as ducklings, with the idea for them to eat snails & slugs. A nice addition to our family, they love the pond and are friendly most of the time. 

A new addition to our family, a few thousand busy honey bees. It will be nice to be able to harvest our own honey, make mead, and our bees will also help pollinate our fruit trees.

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